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Emergency 24 Hour Call Out Service

At Pink Plumbing we are very happy to be able to provide a complete emergency 24 hour plumbing service across derby and the surrounding area. For any calls we receive we are available 24 hours and endeavour to respond to all emergencies as soon as possible.


We value our customers and know that some plumbing problems can’t wait and need to be addressed immediately. Anything we can do to resolve your emergency we will do in a prompt and efficient manner leaving you with peace of mind.

Any homeowner can experience an emergency with their plumbing and it can happen at any time. Many problems need to be taken care of immediately and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a professional.

Our female plumbers are available for call out 24 hours a day so you can rest assured your issue will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Dealing with an emergency can be frustrating and upsetting but our professional team are qualified and trained to deal with any eventuality. We aim to fix and solve your emergency quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry any further. If you require an emergency call out then you can contact us on 07880 866 651.