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General Repairs

Since Pink Plumbing started in 2008 we have performed a range of plumbing services for a mixture of clients. For every enquiry we have been to, we have delivered excellent service and workmanship. By handling a variety of plumbing work we have become increasingly knowledgeable and experienced in undertaking the general repairs our customers require.
Whether your general repairs are part of a planned project or are required to meet an emergency situation all our female plumbers have the skills and expertise to complete the work you need. As with everything our business offers we want to provide an exceptional service so we only ever work to the highest standards to deliver customer satisfaction.
You will always find us happy to help, advise and work hard to ensure we achieve the finest results in every aspect of our service. So if you require any general repairs to your property’s plumbing or central heating system we can provide you with a professional female plumber to help. Contact a member of Pink Plumbing online or call us on 07880 866 651 today.