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Site Surveys 

Generally we don’t expect to run into major plumbing problems and from time to time we may find that our plumbing only requires general repairs and maintenance. However even the smallest of plumbing problems can lead to more serious issues if left ignored.

Site surveys for your plumbing are a way to easily identify any faults or problems and to avoid the risk of incurring future damage or complications. They are extremely valuable if you are looking to purchase a new home and are also important if you are currently living in older properties.

From the most common of faults you could see the potential for burst pipes, leaks and blocked drains. All of these can be prevented if you have a site survey from a qualified plumber. Our own female plumbers can arrange to visit at a time convenient to you and can carry out a site survey to identify anything of concern.

With our experience in the industry and with various plumbing services we have the knowledge and understanding to offer professional advice and produce an in-depth survey for your records. We will communicate our findings and explain any necessary work or items we believe should be carried out or investigated further. All our staff are happy to answer your questions and will provide you with the best information and benefit of their expertise.

If you have any concerns regarding your future or r existing property’s plumbing then why not contact a member of Pink Plumbing today on 07880 866 651 and arrange for us to carry out a site survey.